Hungry Monkey

My mom gave me a copy of Hungry Monkey a little while after our eldest was born, and I later left it in a Little Library somewhere in town.  The book gave me a lot of encouragement as a young mom and I wanted to share it with someone else who might need it or … Continue reading Hungry Monkey


Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles

I regularly buy bananas and then we don't eat them. I either save them for smoothies in the freezer or turn them into banana bread. A basic banana bread recipe often has a minimum of seven ingredients with lots of measuring and mixing. In the photo above, you'll see there are just four ingredients and … Continue reading Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles

Six year old wants to help with Thanksgiving dinner.

My son asked if he could make Whatever It’s Called for Thanksgiving, and it was encouraging.  First, my son believed that cooking for a holiday was something he should be involved in.  This means my husband and I have succeeded, even a little bit, in altering the picture surrounding food preparation and family events.  If … Continue reading Six year old wants to help with Thanksgiving dinner.

I get to get a shot!

There are many times when the words and actions of children leave me humbled and convicted.  In the most important ways, I find that kids are generally better than adults, living with more kindness, more affection, more abandon, and more genuine truth than those making the rules around them.  Sadly, it’s usually those making the … Continue reading I get to get a shot!