Happy noodle girl.

Sometimes, a day at the park is all she needs and I thoroughly enjoy her enjoyment. I'm still in awe when she runs. It continues to be one of the most amazing things to behold. I also love how she finds random people and leans on them. I've never seen anyone not stop to stroke … Continue reading Happy noodle girl.


Short hair doesn’t equal no shedding.

Greyhounds have smooth, sleek coats, but that doesn't mean there isn't work to keep up that silky texture and shiny gloss. Just like most dogs, greyhounds need to be brushed and occasionally have a moisturizer rubbed in to combat the dry air that comes with colder weather and gas heating indoors. Bella may have retired … Continue reading Short hair doesn’t equal no shedding.


A decade ago, I would have laughed at the thought of needing to buy pajamas for a dog. Greyhounds actually need them because of their reduced body fat. Bella enjoys getting dressed and spins in circles when she sees me pull her jammies out of the closet. Apparently, getting dressed is extremely exhausting.