I’m a former teacher, now stay at home mom, with two kids, an adopted greyhound, a husband of almost 16 years, and a house I often neglect because writing is more fun. It’s not unusual for me to have an extra dog with me when someone needs their pet to have a pupcation or to find me in the kitchen pretending it’s a studio, covered in paint or some new soap I’ve concocted. I only purchase purses that are big enough to hold a book and a notebook and I’m probably that person in the room who doesn’t catch on that everyone else wants me to stop asking questions. I find organizing this blog to be a daunting task and I keep putting it off because there are only so many hours in a day and like cleaning, I’d rather be writing. I’m currently on the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council for the Georgia Department of Education and an acting session member of New Hope Presbyterian Church. I’ve been a member of both the National Science Teaching Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as a presenter for the Georgia Mathematics Conference. I had the great privilege of instructing pre-service teachers at Columbus State University and coordinating its program for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Much to my chagrin, the Covid-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of the 2020 State of the Art Conference and caused my cancellation as a presenter along with it. My husband and I work together to host board game days with the intention of reaching people of all ages and abilities. I lead inclusive exercise classes when the weather allows me and some might say I get into a lot of good trouble.