Baby Food Day 59-Pumpkin!

It has been weeks since I shared any baby food recipes, and I’m genuinely sorry for this delay. Hopefully the ease of this particular preparation and its seasonal relevance will make up for my neglect. Please do not buy a pumpkin and disembowel it. Preparing fresh pumpkin is a lot of work and completely unnecessary for making homemade baby food. Canned pumpkin is all you need. This has even less preparation than frozen mango which needs to be defrosted before being blended. Canned pumpkin is ready as is and needs only to be blended with water to reach a desired consistency.

Make sure it’s 100% pumpkin and not pumpkin pie.
I scooped about 4-5 hefty tablespoons into my personal blender.
I added approximately the same amount of water before blending and ended up with the above.
To make an additional blend, I used my trusty unsweetened applesauce trick. Following the same pattern as before, I added one container of applesauce after spoonfuls of pumpkin.
With a couple of spoons of water added in to the blend, the texture was a little smoother than the pumpkin by itself.
It’s a bit hard to see because my lighting isn’t great, but the darker orange cubes are pumpkin only and the lighter cubes are apple and pumpkin.

Not only did I have enough for over seven servings of baby food, I had enough to use for my own smoothie experiment later. Plus, I’m positive that the pumpkin and apple puree was delicious and baby approved. It ranks high on the baby smiley meter. For less than $1.50 and less than five minutes of kitchen time, this is totally worth it.


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