Am I an imposter?

Being a church leader is paralyzing in some ways.  At times, it is affirming and uplifting, but on the other hand, it makes attending church feel like a job.  Anyone at any time can be upset with you- feel you haven’t done your part, should have done it differently, should have kept your mouth shut, … Continue reading Am I an imposter?

Why I’m still voting.

Living in Georgia during an election year wasn’t previously stressful like it is now.  Prior to 2018, Georgia’s political leanings were fairly reliable.  I had a general idea of which candidates would win and what color Georgia would be on maps when it popped up during news segments.  I also knew from much earlier in … Continue reading Why I’m still voting.

A cup of coffee please, not a side of platitudes.

Gratitude has a place in all of our lives, but I don’t feel it is something we should tell others to have.  Phrases like “find the silver lining” or “everything happens for a reason” are not helpful.  When a person is experiencing distress, whether profound or not, those trite platitudes do very little more than … Continue reading A cup of coffee please, not a side of platitudes.

I don’t need to add anything to this.

"If we are urgently committed to seeking truth and doing justice, then we will clean up our information processes, systems, and content. We will improve the dependability and trustworthiness of our information. We will not listen to inveterate liars, even if they tell us things that we wish were true. We will value truth, seek … Continue reading I don’t need to add anything to this.