Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles

I regularly buy bananas and then we don’t eat them. I either save them for smoothies in the freezer or turn them into banana bread. A basic banana bread recipe often has a minimum of seven ingredients with lots of measuring and mixing. In the photo above, you’ll see there are just four ingredients and only one of them needs to be measured. This version is much more accessible. I’ve tried it with at least five kinds of cake mix and my kids have devoured it every time. I do realize this is glorified cake, but isn’t that what banana bread is anyway?
Preheat the oven to 350F. (Please admire all the evidence of how worn and loved our stove is.)
Peel the bananas into a big mixing bowl. It usually takes 3-4 bananas. I’ve still made decent bread with less and with more.
Add 1/3 cup of cooking oil. I’ve made it with olive oil, canola, and vegetable with no problem. I just happened to have olive oil today.
Using the blender like a potato masher, smash the bananas down. Then mix them and the oil together. For one of my sons, this is the most important part. Texture is a big thing for him. He LOVES banana bread, unless there are chunks of banana.
Crack in three eggs and mix again.
Pour in your cake mix and mix until it’s all blended into the other ingredients.
Spray or butter two bread pans. I like to use Baker’s Joy. It releases bread, cake, and muffins really well.
Pour your batter into two pans, as evenly as you can. Place them in the oven and bake for 45-50 minutes.
Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles!
This is why I like Baker’s Joy so much. All I had to do was flip the bread pan over and the bread fell out like this. With a quick flip back upright, it’s perfect.
I wish Bella hadn’t woken me up at 4 to go outside to the bathroom, but my kids can thank her for this beautiful breakfast.
The timing worked out just right. In a rare moment of everything working out, the bread was just warm enough to slice, but not so hot it fell apart. Several years ago, two loaves would have lasted us at least 3 days. The kids ate a whole loaf before school with milk. We won’t make it past 2 days!

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