Six year old wants to help with Thanksgiving dinner.

My son asked if he could make Whatever It’s Called for Thanksgiving, and it was encouraging.  First, my son believed that cooking for a holiday was something he should be involved in.  This means my husband and I have succeeded, even a little bit, in altering the picture surrounding food preparation and family events.  If over 70% of chefs are male, then kids should see men in their home kitchens.  Feeding people is important work, regardless of whether those people are in restaurants or houses.  Next, not only did my son believe he should be in the kitchen helping on Thanksgiving, he believed he should make a whole entree and that he was capable of this task.  He recognized that sharing the cooking load was helpful and good.  Plus, he was confident that his dish was important and would be a meaningful contribution to a family meal.  As his mom, I want this for him.  I want him to know how to feed himself, feel assured in his skills in doing so, and enjoy the work.  In an effort to be even more independent, my son asked me to write up his recipe so he can try to do it without me in the kitchen.  Though that hurts a little bit, to be asked to be away, I know it’s a beautiful thing.  It means he knows the kitchen is his too.  

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