Easy Baby Food on the Go

I wish I had made this connection when my kids were still eating baby food! I did use baby food pouches on road trips, as backups in my diaper bag, and for speed. Around month eight or nine, some babies have absolutely no desire to sit and eat. There’s just too much fun stuff to see and touch and taste and play hat with. Babies can learn to suck the baby food from pouches and this removes the need to keep a spoon on hand. Babies who are used to bottles tend to pick up this trick even faster, because they’re already comfortable with holding their food in their hands. Unsweetened applesauce pouches are significantly less expensive than typical baby food pouches. A box of twelve of the above pouches is approximately $6 and baby food pouches are normally a $1 minimum. Though I wouldn’t recommend a baby eat applesauce all day long, these are perfect for day trips and unexpected outings when you need to pick up your diaper bag and run. Warning: this can be very messy at first, but it’s worth it!


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