As I’ve learned to pay more attention to what excursions drain me and which ones give me something to work with, I’ve realized that I both like and dislike shopping.  I like going to a store specifically to treasure hunt in the clearance aisles.  Finding good deals on supplies to donate to teachers and area … Continue reading Delivery.


I make banana bread because I can’t sleep.

Sleep is again not mine to have.  Falling asleep is usually not difficult, but staying asleep is.  When my children wake up to banana bread, it’s usually because I woke up at 3 or 4 am.  If I wasn’t awake with several hours to go before anyone else wakes up, dog included, my kids wouldn’t … Continue reading I make banana bread because I can’t sleep.

Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles

I regularly buy bananas and then we don't eat them. I either save them for smoothies in the freezer or turn them into banana bread. A basic banana bread recipe often has a minimum of seven ingredients with lots of measuring and mixing. In the photo above, you'll see there are just four ingredients and … Continue reading Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles

Whatever it’s called!

I realized very quickly after working with college students with intellectual disabilities that many of them had food preferences they hadn't shared or explored, because they had limited freedom to make their own meals, if any freedom at all. How do you learn to cook a vegetarian meal if everyone else doing most of the … Continue reading Whatever it’s called!

This entire post is about poo and pee.

Bella’s favorite time of any day is when we walk.  We can not say the word “walk” or spell it out, because she knows w-a-l-k and completely loses it.  Even putting on a belt can be hazardous, because she sees the belt, thinks it’s a leash, and hurls herself at you, gleefully ready for said … Continue reading This entire post is about poo and pee.