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Stormy weather.

When a storm is in the distance, I enjoy writing outside. The breeze cools my skin and the thunder is soothing. The misty air is balmy and for a little while, I can imagine I’m at the beach, listening to the waves from a balcony, tasting the salt on my tongue. I pay attention to…

Giant pop-tart.

My kids love pop-tarts and I don’t normally keep them around. I thought over their spring break I’d experiment with some pie crust dough, strawberry jam, vanilla icing, and sprinkles. I post the meals I intend to make on our fridge so the kids can feel prepared and “giant pop-tart” got more of a response…

Happy noodle girl.

Sometimes, a day at the park is all she needs and I thoroughly enjoy her enjoyment. I’m still in awe when she runs. It continues to be one of the most amazing things to behold. I also love how she finds random people and leans on them. I’ve never seen anyone not stop to stroke…

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