Baby wipes and dry shampoo.

It’s ok to be tired. I learned quickly when my kids were small that showers were a luxury and that I didn’t need them as much as I had believed I did. I might have wanted a shower every day, but I didn’t need one that often. Our water usage has decreased and consequently our bill. Our grocery costs are smaller because I’m using less soap, razors, and shave gel and my oldest applauds our family efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Besides, if you’re close enough that you can smell me, maybe you’re too close? Finally, baby wipes and dry shampoo are essential tools for independence. Like food and exercise, do what works for you and is maintainable. Dry shampoo and baby wipes are two tools that I suggest when I hear young adults with special needs tell me they struggle to get ready in the morning, to do their hair and get cleaned up, especially when they’re learning to manage their time. Shortcuts are not a bad thing! They help you live your life and smell like a unicorn.


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