Make a bear claw!

Teaching my kids to cook is stressful. As they learn more skills, at any given moment, they could injure themselves. Obviously, this is true all the time, regardless of kitchen efforts, but cooking work is different. Seeing my son with a knife in his hand, forgetting to hold his bear claw, provokes unpleasant visions in … Continue reading Make a bear claw!


Six year old wants to help with Thanksgiving dinner.

My son asked if he could make Whatever It’s Called for Thanksgiving, and it was encouraging.  First, my son believed that cooking for a holiday was something he should be involved in.  This means my husband and I have succeeded, even a little bit, in altering the picture surrounding food preparation and family events.  If … Continue reading Six year old wants to help with Thanksgiving dinner.

Whatever it’s called!

I realized very quickly after working with college students with intellectual disabilities that many of them had food preferences they hadn't shared or explored, because they had limited freedom to make their own meals, if any freedom at all. How do you learn to cook a vegetarian meal if everyone else doing most of the … Continue reading Whatever it’s called!