Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles

I regularly buy bananas and then we don't eat them. I either save them for smoothies in the freezer or turn them into banana bread. A basic banana bread recipe often has a minimum of seven ingredients with lots of measuring and mixing. In the photo above, you'll see there are just four ingredients and … Continue reading Pink Banana Bread with Sprinkles


Luigi L. Lemoncello

“I’d like to say a few brief words.  Here they are: ‘short’, ‘memorandum’, and ‘underpants’.”---Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library I’ve been reading the Lemoncello books to my kids since the pandemic began.  Over breakfast, while they eat, I usually manage a chapter or two.  Sometimes, we get in a few chapters after school during snack.  … Continue reading Luigi L. Lemoncello