Luigi L. Lemoncello

“I’d like to say a few brief words.  Here they are: ‘short’, ‘memorandum’, and ‘underpants’.”—Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

I’ve been reading the Lemoncello books to my kids since the pandemic began.  Over breakfast, while they eat, I usually manage a chapter or two.  Sometimes, we get in a few chapters after school during snack.  We’re currently in the last of the series, or the last published so far, and I’ll miss it, if this is the end.  These books have met a great need for us.  Our youngest is able to read far above his age, but that doesn’t mean he is emotionally ready for what he is able to read alone or comprehend verbally.  Fortunately, the Lemoncello series is just what he needs to stay engaged without exposing him to content that isn’t developmentally appropriate.  Our oldest loves puzzles, puns, and games, and these books do not disappoint.  For me, I love the references to other books and authors that Chris Grabenstein includes.  Each book has provided numerous pathways for me to connect with my children as well as introduce them to other pieces of literature.  Plus, they’re just fun to read.  I believe that both Mr. Lemoncello and his creator would agree that coffee, breakfast, and books in the morning is a most splendiferous way to begin the day.  I’m also positive that they would remind me that books are meant to be read as many times as you’d like.  If Grabenstein had the privilege of listening to our mornings filled with giggles and snorts followed by pleas for more chapters, he would know without a doubt that his literary contributions are epic and exactly what two kids and their mom needed during a time with big emotions and big questions.  


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