This Bread isn’t Pink!

The last time I made bread, I made pink banana bread with sprinkles. Today, I’m using the same idea to make pumpkin bread. This is a 4 ingredient recipe. 5, if you include the baking spray. I don’t bake much, honestly. When I do, I need it not to exhaust me. Cake mix saves me the hassle of measuring out flour, sugar, baking powder and whatever else is needed. Less dishes and less to keep track of—just much better for me. Unlike bananas, I do find that pumpkin doesn’t work with every cake mix flavor. For some reason, this French Vanilla version is not ok with my youngest., but his brother wanted to eat the entire loaf by himself. Pumpkin is a preference, I guess. Either you love it, or you don’t. My oldest has been eating pumpkin bread since he could say Starbucks. I can make two loaves of pumpkin bread for less than the price of one slice there, so when I have the energy, I do. One can of 100% pumpkin, one box of cake mix, 3 eggs, and 1/3 cup of oil. That’s it! It’s not overly pumpkiny, but still possibly too pumpkiny for one who loathes anything pumpkin.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and then dump the pumpkin in first.
Then add 1/3 cup of oil.
Mix together.
Add three eggs and mix again.
Add the cake mix in and mix some more.
It comes out thick and goopy.
Spray or butter your pan down for easy release.
Pour into two bread pans and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 50 minutes.
Nice and golden!
It really was delicious and took less than 5 minutes to prepare this morning. I highly recommend!

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