Baby Food Day 21- Mango!

Shopping List

2 bananas, if you’re running low or Baby really loves them

Package of unsweetened applesauce cups, if you’re running low or Baby really loves them

Frozen bag of mango chunks, defrost in fridge the night before you plan to puree away

Meal Plan

-chest milk/formula as usual

-about ⅛ cup of mango puree during one meal

-banana, applesauce, more mango, or a mixture of any of them during one meal

—–If you still have any green beans from last time, feel free to use them during one of the meals. Unsurprisingly, the AAP kind of likes it when veggies show up.

After letting the mango defrost, it looks a bit slimy and it feels that way too. Personally, because the slimy makes me cringe, I pour about half a bag into the personal blender at a time. I do not use my hands.
It’s so slimy, you can barely tell I filled the blender with water, about halfway up the height of the mango.
After blending the mango, it had a lovely texture. I have no shame in sharing that I ate the food above right off of that spoon.
For the second half of the bag, I used a cup of unsweetened applesauce instead of water.
The mango and apple blend was fantastic. The apple slightly softened the very bright flavor of the mango and added some extra thickness to the overall consistency. Yes, I ate some of this baby food and I regret nothing.
Back into the freezer! Not including the overnight defrost, this took about 10 minutes to make. Not bad for 14 servings of baby food, or 13 if you decide you should have a couple of those cubes.

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