Blend Baby Blend!

Typically, I don’t gush about appliances, but this blender makes me happy. I’ve seen it in various forms and various prices, and I’d buy it again with no hesitation. After a few days of trying this out, I gave away my classic blender and have not regretted the increased counter space from its absence. What you see in the photo is the entirety of this personal blender. True, it doesn’t hold the volume that a traditional blender can hold, but it’s practicality makes it worth the loss. Instead of 5 or more parts, you’re responsible for three. The blender blades are part of the blender cup itself. The cup and the lid are dishwasher safe. When I make smoothies or baby food, I pour the ingredients into the cup, place the lid on the cup, and then place the cup on the base. With only one button to press, it’s not hard to mess this up. It can be washed by hand in just a minute or so by rinsing the cup out with water, adding some dish soap to the cup with more water, recapping it, and blending the water/soap mix. Then rinse again and let the cup and lid air dry. When I’m in a rush, I literally put the lid and the cup in the top rack of the dishwasher and I don’t think about it again. Hamilton Beach hasn’t asked me to say this either, it’s just that good of a product. I can’t vouch for the longevity of this tool, because I’ve only recently learned of its existence, sadly. This would have been revolutionary for me when I was making baby food for my own babies and constantly forgetting to feed myself! Food for Baby, smoothie for Momma, dishwasher. Win, win, win.


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