Baby Food Day 49- Peaches!

Not all families have access to fresh fruit and vegetables and some don’t have the freezer space to stock frozen foods. Canned fruits are an acceptable option! Fruit canned with heavy syrup contains a lot of added sugar and isn’t recommended, but fruit canned in juice is a great shelf-stable alternative to fresh and frozen. Plus, canned fruit often takes less preparation time than fresh. Fresh fruit might need to be peeled, chopped, and boiled to reach a consistency ready for blending. Frozen fruit needs to be defrosted and, depending on the fruit, may still need to be cooked to soften the flesh enough to blend for a decent pureed texture. Canned fruit can usually be drained and blended right away. Sometimes, I’d rank making baby food from a can of fruit just as simple as pouring a bowl of cereal for yourself.

Shopping List

-14.5 oz can peaches in 100% juice

-bananas and unsweetened applesauce if you don’t have any or if you’re out of baby food cubes in your freezer

*This can makes about 6 quarter cup servings of baby food, so it might not last for the full five days if Baby has moved into half cup feedings.

Meal Plan

-about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of peach puree at one meal

-about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of any other baby food (bananas, avocado, unsweetened applesauce, green beans, butternut squash, oatmeal or any combination of those and other foods Baby already knows, etc. ) at the other two meals

-chest milk/formula as usual

Drain the juice from the peaches and pour the whole can into your personal blender. You will not need to add water. The peaches have enough moisture from sitting in the juice.
Once you blend the peaches, they look a bit like mango baby food, but they are a tiny bit runnier.
I poured the puree directly into half cup containers.
It cost about $1.25 for this can of peaches and made 3 half cup servings. For the Gerber equivalent, you’ll pay around the same amount for one fewer servings of the same size. Using canned fruit isn’t usually less expensive than using frozen, but it’s still less expensive than buying prepared baby food and can often be easier. Hopefully Baby likes it!

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