His Little Pony

Bella isn’t overtly affectionate. She doesn’t lick much or run to the door to greet us. At times, she seems aloof and distant, but I can always count on her to be near when one of her human pups is sick. She seems to understand that she has something they need and only she can offer. In these moments, she’ll curl up beside them and place her paws over their feet, like she is above. People passing us on walks have commented that Bella is a tiny horse. After a good bout of zoomies, she huffs and sputters like one too. Greyhounds are nicknamed noodle horses and once you hear the name, it sticks. Even though my youngest is ill again and the world outside my door is filled with foreboding and insecurity, he has his My Little Pony blanket and his very own noodle pony and this is a goodness I will not question.


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