Short hair doesn’t equal no shedding.

Greyhounds have smooth, sleek coats, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to keep up that silky texture and shiny gloss. Just like most dogs, greyhounds need to be brushed and occasionally have a moisturizer rubbed in to combat the dry air that comes with colder weather and gas heating indoors. Bella may have retired from her reign on the track, but I doubt she will ever step away from being a queen. She will stretch her legs, hold her paws out for me, roll to one side and then the other. Sometimes, she can’t be bothered to get up before 9 am, but she will if pampering is involved. If I stop brushing her before she wants me to, she’ll put a paw on my hand and look at me with determined eyes. I’m positive there is something like, “You quit when I quit, beloved human minion. Now, brush!”, swirling around behind that face I adore.


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