Baby Food Day 25- Cauliflower!

Shopping List

2 bananas, if you’re running low or Baby really loves them

Package of unsweetened applesauce cups, if you’re running low or Baby really loves them

Frozen bag of riced cauliflower

Meal Plan

-chest milk/formula as usual

-about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of cauliflower/apple baby food during one meal

-about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of any other baby food combination that isn’t more cauliflower during another meal

—–It is recommended to have both veggies and fruit in Baby’s diet, but I would be wary of adding more veggies on a cauliflower day. Cauliflower can cause gas, which isn’t comfortable for Baby which means you won’t be comfortable either. This is also why you’ll see in the photos below that I didn’t leave the cauliflower alone first, which I’ve done with other foods up until this point. I intentionally mixed it with apple sauce upfront to easy Baby’s tummy into this amazing cruciferous “tree”.

I thought this time around a quick stove top veggie might be useful. This is a steamer bag, but unlike some other frozen vegetables, cauliflower, when riced, heats speedily on the stove in a skillet.
Riced cauliflower does look like rice and is very annoying to any who scoop it onto their plate believing it to be rice.
When you dump it out frozen into the skillet like I did, you sometimes have to break apart the clumps of frozen cauliflower. I find the jabbing somewhat therapeutic myself.
After stirring frequently for about 5 minutes, you’ll see the cauliflower begin to look translucent. Once you reach this point, turn the stove off and leave the cauliflower to cool.
Add a half-cup container of unsweetened applesauce to the blender cup before adding the cauliflower once it has cooled. The cauliflower alone doesn’t have a lot of moisture in it and it might make the blender blades cranky.
Then pour in some water, enough to see the water line nearly level with the cauliflower.
After you blend, the cauliflower and apple mixture will look and feel like roughly blended applesauce. I wouldn’t rank it as chunky, but it’s absolutely not a smooth puree either.


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