Baby Food Ice Cubes

Much like I shared previously about expensive baby food containers being unnecessary, easy freezer storage doesn’t have to be expensive either. I’m being very serious when I write that you only need basic ice cube trays, the kind you can find anywhere. Silicone ice cube trays are most popular right now, especially since some come with lids, meant to cover baby foods while in the freezer. Silicone is just fine if you don’t have a dog and don’t have a laundry room directly beside your kitchen. I have both of these and regularly end up with dog hair and dryer fuzz in my homemade bar soap, so I know it will end up in baby food. The silicone picks up everything, everything in the air near it. You’ll have dog hair frozen into the bottom of your cubes. Trust me, the silicone is not worth the money, because it just makes you work harder for the same end result.

Remember those green beans? This is how I froze that batch, knowing that the amount of servings I made would not get eaten in the recommended amount of time before needing to be tossed. A tablespoon fits just right for an ice cube slot.
After freezing overnight, I popped the baby food cubes out of the trays and separated them into freezer bags.
Since each cube is a tablespoon, two cubes is just enough for a typical 2 oz serving of baby food. When Baby is ready, you just grab two cubes and defrost them over night in the fridge or simply reheat them in a glass container of some kind in the microwave right when you need it. This method is also a fantastic way to mix baby foods without the forethought. If you have a cube of butternut squash and a cube of applesauce (yes, you can spoon unsweetened applesauce into ice cube trays and freeze them—it’s an amazing way to salvage what’s left in the jar or in the cup) defrost them together and swirl. This is a safe way to try two foods together without wasting an entire batch of both if Baby thinks this particular mixture is repellent.

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