Baby Food Day 17-Green Beans!

Shopping List

2 bananas, if you’re running low or Baby really loves them

Package of unsweetened applesauce cups, if you’re running low or Baby really loves them

Steamer bag of green beans

Meal Plan

-breast milk/formula as usual

-about ⅛ cup of green bean puree during one meal

-banana, applesauce, or a mixture of fruits/green beans during one meal

I know I already used a steamer bag before with the butternut squash, but green beans are a pain to cook. To get them soft enough to blend them well, they have to be boiled into oblivion which is not helpful during a summer heat advisory.
After following the steaming directions and letting the beans cool (just like with the squash previously), add about half of the cooked beans and some water to the blender and pulse. Green beans are grittier than squash and the texture is a bit like apple sauce. It isn’t smooth, and some babies don’t like green beans at all.
In preparation for babies who might redirect the green beans to your face with gumption, have applesauce handy to make the beans more palatable.
Pour the unsweetened applesauce and the other half of the steamed beans into the blender and make that little gadget buzz again. The addition of the applesauce slightly alters the texture and consistency and definitely improves the sweetness level. I know this personally because I ate the mix on the spoon above. It tastes much closer to applesauce than green beans, but with all the goodness of both. If you want to assure Baby that you eat these green things too, I’d make sure your cup has this mix in it.
For reference, that one steamer bag combined with one half cup container of applesauce filled two restaurant soup containers three quarters of the way to the top. I know Baby won’t eat all of that in a week. I know I can’t eat that much green beans in a week, so check back in a day or two and read about how to freeze larger batches.

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