Baby Food Day 13- Butternut Squash!

It’s veggie time!  As my babies who aren’t babies anymore like to tell me from watching PBS, colors mean more vitamins and minerals.  (If only those delicious puffy cheese balls counted.)  In addition to meeting Professor Fizzy’s color requirements, butternut squash has three excellent traits that make it high on my list of starter homemade baby foods.  First, it comes frozen.  Frozen vegetables are usually less expensive than their fresh counterparts and equally healthy.  Second, since butternut squash is sweeter than some other vegetables, it can sometimes act like banana and applesauce do, making green things taste yummy.  Lastly, frozen vegetables are already cut and prepared, making homemade baby food time friendly.  Some frozen vegetables even come in microwave steamer bags (see below) which helps to reduce the amount of dishes needed to clean up, the heat in the kitchen, and time spent in preparation.  When I’m exhausted and covered in sweat and what could possibly be poop or chocolate (I don’t want to know), I have no wish to cut up a whole squash.  I’m too tired for that.  I think we all probably are.  Beyond convenience, frozen vegetables are very budget friendly.  I’ll share more on just how budget friendly homemade baby food is sometime later.  For now, please humor me as I post photos for the very first time! 

Shopping List

2-4 bananas

Package of unsweetened applesauce cups

Steamer bag of frozen butternut squash

Meal Plan

-breast milk/formula as usual

-about ⅛ cup of butternut squash puree during one meal

-banana, applesauce, or a mixture of fruits/squash during one meal

Steamer bag of butternut squash and the only clean mason jar I could find.
Since vegetables used to make baby food need to be very, very soft, I followed the directions on the steamer bag (yes, seriously, that simple) and added an extra minute because I’m always that person who tends to overcook things.
Note, I did put the squash back in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes just to cool it enough that I could place it in my blender without issue. I love this little personal blender, but it isn’t tempered glass. It won’t feel how much I love it if I scald it.
I usually add water to about half the height of the squash and blend, adding more water if the blender growls at me from overwork or if the puree needs to be thinned.
Yay me! I found more acceptable storage. It’s remarkable what one finds with a little desperate digging.

One thought on “Baby Food Day 13- Butternut Squash!

  1. I really appreciate the sense of humor to bring to the whole process!!! Very Important to not take ourselves too seriously, evem/especially when what we’re doing is important and valuable.


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