Child of the South

It has been a week since the anniversary of January 6th, and I think I’m closer to understanding what really frightens me about it.  I’m more bothered by January 6th, 2022 than I am of the same day a year prior.  It’s far too reminiscent of the rise to power of the men that lined … Continue reading Child of the South


Have I told you I like Mark Twain?

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”- Mark Twain In an effort to find one specific Twain quote, which I have yet to find, I came across this one above.  This sentence has so much in it, so much to unpack and discuss.  People could spend sessions and … Continue reading Have I told you I like Mark Twain?

A college degree with a minor in prejudice.

Sometimes, it’s hard for those raised in conservative churches to understand why people are leaving their faith behind entirely or turning to other denominations with more inclusive perspectives and why those without a background in Christianity aren’t joining.  Campus Pride compiles a list of college campuses across the United States considered unsafe and highly unwelcoming … Continue reading A college degree with a minor in prejudice.

Scarred Vows

There are many unfortunate consequences of complementarian theology.  One of these consequences is disparity within a marriage.  I’ve shared before about instances where the indoctrination of this way of thinking impacts even minor things, but my husband is only recently beginning to understand that this inequality existed between us.  Previously, he saw the issues of … Continue reading Scarred Vows

The longest night, a week from tomorrow.

Romans 8:26 The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit intercedes for us through wordless groans. I attended my first “blue Christmas” service a couple of years back. I wasn’t a member at our church yet, and I didn’t know what this special … Continue reading The longest night, a week from tomorrow.

Complementarianism is just another name for degradation.

The indoctrination of complementarianism is sometimes eerily subtle.  As I’ve shared before, the damage of my experience prior is hard to address.  Deconstructing that upbringing, evaluating how it impacted me as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult, as a new bride, as a mother is challenging and often painful.  The day before, … Continue reading Complementarianism is just another name for degradation.

Today is Thanksgiving, continued again.

As a Christian, one now belonging to a reformed denomination, public confession is new to me.  I didn’t grow up with people speaking together, in unison, about the wrongs they’ve committed, or the sins they’re connected to.  I heard a lot about what Jewish people did to Jesus leading up to his crucifixion and at … Continue reading Today is Thanksgiving, continued again.

Today is Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving.  With time and increased exposure, I become more aware of how problematic this holiday truly is.  I also recognize that for many people, this is a day that embodies their faith.  It’s something I’ve come to understand about Christianity: what many Christians believe is right and good often hurts others and comes … Continue reading Today is Thanksgiving