A college degree with a minor in prejudice.

Sometimes, it’s hard for those raised in conservative churches to understand why people are leaving their faith behind entirely or turning to other denominations with more inclusive perspectives and why those without a background in Christianity aren’t joining.  Campus Pride compiles a list of college campuses across the United States considered unsafe and highly unwelcoming to the LGBTQ community.  Christian universities make up most of the list. There are thousands of young adults being taught that rejecting people is loving and they take these mindsets home with them.  Either they begin their higher education with this ideology and it is reinforced, or they learn this thinking while there. For Christians like myself, this doctrine of exclusion is contradictory to the teachings of Jesus. For Christians like those Campus Pride references, these discriminatory beliefs are honorable and righteous because of the trite saying “hate the sin, love the sinner”. Using that same argument, I should hate their bigotry, aka their sin, but love them. If I acted as they did, I would indeed hate their bigotry and “love” would look like not talking to them, or worse, welcoming them while not truly welcoming them at all. Christians are not a monolith, and I know there are people on those anti-LGBTQ campuses that do not believe what the majority of their peers believe just as I did not believe what many of my former pew-mates believed. I also don’t wish to imply that there is absolutely nothing good being done on those Christian campuses. I’m positive there is as I know people who attended or are currently enrolled in some of these institutions. Whatever love is being spread does not excuse the love being withheld.

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