I’m not sure why, but waffles are one of those things that seem to make kids happy. The week following a time change is brutal for families and my boys have been dragging out of bed, groggily sitting down, still wrapped in their blankets. They can make their own food in the morning, but many mornings, I’ve already gotten their food prepared. The frustration of trying to choose what to eat just adds to the existing trouble that morning itself brings, so I often strategically plan to have breakfast ready to go. Bite by bite, the sleepy eyes open a little bit and the blankets start to slip to the floor. I can’t control what happens while they’re away from me at school, but I can give them that fifteen to thirty minutes to adjust and prepare. Being a kid is hard and being an adult is hard. Just like I sometimes feel that I need time to get ready to exist, they do too. Waffles are good for mornings when you just don’t want to wake up and do any of the stuff you’re supposed to do.

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