Baby Goes Nom Nom!

Now that Baby has tried solid foods for over a week and is used to the experience, it’s time to increase a little bit.  I’m writing future meal plans using bananas and unsweetened applesauce in regular rotation, if not daily, for several reasons.  First, parents are busy and practicality is necessary to retain any remaining strands of self-preservation after prolonged sleep deprivation, diapers, and spit up.  Second, I have never met a parent who isn’t worried about money. If I actually followed the advice of waiting until you had enough money to have a baby, I would never have had a baby and I wouldn’t be writing this blog entry.  There is never enough money.  Applesauce and bananas are typically inexpensive and adults eat them too.  Bananas can be used when they are overripe to make banana bread or can be frozen to be used in smoothies and vegan ice cream.  Applesauce is shelf stable.  You don’t have to worry that it will go to waste.  Applesauce takes minimal effort beyond getting a spoon and peeling the lid off.  It’s perfect to keep around for days when you’re behind, in a hurry, realized at noon that you haven’t had coffee yet, etc.  Both of these foods don’t stress your wallet, your time, or your focus.  Next, both bananas and applesauce can be mixed into other foods to make them taste better.  Bananas do for baby food what they do for spinach smoothies.  They make the bitter, but very important and nutritious greens, more bearable.  Some babies are perfectly content to eat a mouthful of green peas.  Others will spit them out at you and you will feel like your kitchen is a scene from a very specific movie involving projectile vomit.  Whether babies like peas or not, it doesn’t change that peas are good for them and they should probably eat them.  So, if your little one shows tendencies that call for feeding them in a rain jacket, don’t be afraid to let bananas and applesauce help you. 


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