Baby Food Day 9- Avocado!

I love avocados.  I love avocado for myself and for its versatility and practicality.  Like bananas, avocado has almost no preparation and can be eaten with just some smashing.  They can both be opened, mashed inside their own skins, and served to Baby with a spoon.  You don’t even need a bowl!  Plus, many restaurants carry avocado and will gladly allow you to purchase avocado as a side.  It usually comes sliced and all you need to do is smash it a bit on the plate and scoop it up in the spoon for Baby.  Some restaurants don’t even charge when the server sees the adorable face that will be eating said avocado.  I don’t recommend avocados in diaper bags, because, unlike bananas, a knife is usually needed with an avocado.  Other than that, the preparation is about the same.  Let Baby see you preparing and smashing it.  Eat some yourself with Baby watching.  Avocados are not as sweet as bananas or applesauce, so some babies take time to adjust to the flavor.  If Baby has tried avocados plain and isn’t digging this green cream, avocado mixes very well with mashed banana.  The banana sweetens the avocado and it’s just plain yummy.  Avocado also blends well with breast milk or formula.  Avocado browns quickly like bananas, so this is another food best eaten with you and not with a sitter.

Shopping List

2 bananas as backup or for blending

2 avocados

Meal Plan

-about 1/4th of an avocado or about a quarter of a banana, or both if Baby gives you lots of happy faces


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