Baby Food Day 1- Bananas!

Breast milk and formula are both sweet, so some babies tend to prefer sweet foods when they’re beginning solid foods.  Bananas are a perfect beginner food, in my opinion.  They need no preparation (well, almost none) and cost nearly nothing.  The major downside is homemade banana baby food doesn’t keep, turning brown quickly.  Babies tend to eat a couple of teaspoons to a couple of tablespoons of fruit daily during the first month of trying solid foods, so a quarter of a banana is just about right.  The rest of the banana can go in the freezer to be used for smoothies. Or, you can eat it in front of the baby.  If you let Baby watch you preparing the same food and eating it, they’ll be more likely to be willing to try this goop you’re tempting them with.  Ripe bananas are best, because they’re usually sweeter and are easier to mash.  Using a fork, mash up the banana and that’s it.  If you don’t want to wash a bowl, don’t.  Just mash the banana in its own skin, peeling one side of the fruit and then using the rest like a banana boat.  Baby can eat it just like that.  Since it is recommended that babies try only one food about every 3-5 days to provide time to track for allergic reactions, I’d buy 4 bananas to start.  Use about a quarter of a banana a day until day 5.  Breast milk and formula make up all the rest and is still a baby’s main source of nutrition when first trying solid foods.  If it looks like Baby would like a change of food scenery during these 4 days, you can mix a teaspoon or two of breast milk or formula into the bananas to make a creamier mixture that has a flavor they know and like already. If you want to go all out and puree it, feel free.  But, Baby may expect that extra effort later.  I prefer not to puree because Baby learns to like bananas as they are and then I can carry one in my bag with a spoon and have baby food at all times.  It’s also helpful because babies aren’t the only ones who get hungry.  One warning: bananas can cause a bit of constipation as babies adjust to them.  I still think it’s a perfect beginning meal due to cost, ease of preparation, and general baby approval rating, but don’t be surprised if there is a bit more grunting than usual.  Since freshly squashed banana doesn’t come immediately ready to go, I suggest this for a time when it’s just you feeding Baby.  I don’t recommend fresh banana baby food for a sitter, especially if Baby is being cared for along with other children, because it can’t really be put to the side or back in the fridge if a different priority comes up.

Shopping list

-4 bananas 

Meal Plan

Breast milk/Formula as usual

About a quarter of a banana added in to existing normal milk routine

—-Don’t be worried if Baby only eats a spoon or two each day during these first days.  This is very normal.  It’s also normal if Baby thinks this stuff is the best and eats all of it.  

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