Apples are only my second favorite.

When people ask me what my favorite fruit is, I usually answer apples.  This is mostly true.  I love apples, though I don’t really like the Red Delicious variety.  I like my apples to crunch when I bite into them and be sweet with a touch of sour.  When Cripps Pink apples started hitting produce … Continue reading Apples are only my second favorite.


Baby Food Day 5- Apple!

I debated sharing about avocado today, because avocado is amazing.  Guacamole anyone?  But, learning to make baby food can be daunting, so I’ll discuss the glorious green fruit next time.  Plus, you might need something easy to give a sitter!  Unsweetened applesauce is usually less expensive than traditionally marketed baby foods and is just as … Continue reading Baby Food Day 5- Apple!