Giant pop-tart.

My kids love pop-tarts and I don’t normally keep them around. I thought over their spring break I’d experiment with some pie crust dough, strawberry jam, vanilla icing, and sprinkles. I post the meals I intend to make on our fridge so the kids can feel prepared and “giant pop-tart” got more of a response than anything else I’ve written in the last few months. I rolled the first fridge pie crust out, spread jam over it, rolled the second crust out, and placed it over the jam. Then, I cut off the edges with a pizza cutter and pressed the sides down with a fork. With the extras, I did the same thing, but rolled them up with the jam inside. After following the directions on the pie crust can, I used ready-made icing, melted, and poured it over the various pastries, followed by some sprinkles. Unsurprisingly, it was a hit, though they both preferred the little rolls to the big one we quartered. I agree with them. The ratio of sweet jam and icing to buttery, flaky crust wasn’t right with the giant pop-tart. It was good, but too sweet without enough savory to match. The little rolls– perfection.


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