Maybe I should listen a little less to guilt.

I used to work at a cookie company and it was one of the most valuable jobs I’ve had. Not only did I learn how to unload a shipment, close out a register, count change in my head, and that a rash breaks out on my hands if I wear latex gloves repeatedly, I developed cake decorating skills. At one time, my mall store expertise involved knowing exactly which shades of blue to use when making an Auburn cake versus a Florida cake and how to draw a horse with icing. I was a student at the University of Georgia then and by the time I left, I could frost a Georgia “g” in less than ten minutes. I no longer remember how to make a clown or a train, but I have not lost my ability to make someone’s name look as important as it is with an open star tip and a small round in contrasting colors. The sturdy piping bags I trained with didn’t follow me and I’ve never bought my own, feeling it a frivolous expense when I don’t bake cakes more than a couple of times a year. I’ve made do with making my own bags using plastic zip bags. Well, I made do up until the other day when I attempted to make sure that one son had chocolate too.

Thankfully, anything that looks like poop is hilarious to my kids, so this wasn’t an utter failure, but I do think I’ll go ahead and get some sturdy bags that aren’t likely to bust open on the side. Feeling guilty that we could be spending that money on something else is a reason not to get them, but not a good one. I enjoyed making those cupcakes with green icing, white cake, and sprinkles, as requested. My enjoyment is reason enough and my children deserve to see more times when I’m content making things for them and not overwhelmed and frustrated.


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