Bonus pet.

I wasn’t expecting to meet such a lovely little creature while visiting a pup for a potty break and snuggles. I definitely wasn’t expecting that it would pose for me and peak out just enough for me to capture its face and eyes. I think sometimes the world wants me to stop and listen and look and appreciate. Some might say this is the Spirit at work, moving in and through its creation. Others might say this is magic, like Mary, Colin, and Dickon believe it to be in the Secret Garden. Maybe it is both and maybe it is neither, but something else entirely. Regardless of identity, origin, and name, I appreciate this unexpected intersection of nature and my life. In these moments, I feel a comfort in how small and insignificant I really am. I am one of millions of species of plants and animals that share this planet. Some of these species existed long before mine did and some will remain far past my death. Science and magic and Spirit, whatever it is, it’s magnificent.

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