We realized shortly after my first child was born that I had a tendency to forget to eat.  This wasn’t an issue prior to nursing a baby.  On demand feeding meant that I was in my recliner often and getting up to cook something for myself was sometimes not an option.  If I wasn’t in the recliner, I was trying to help the baby sleep, which didn’t work anyway, but everyone kept telling me to sleep when the baby slept, so I tried in vain for months before finally just driving the baby in the car or taking 2 hour walks.  If I went to a drive through, the sounds woke him up.  It’s a bit hard to chew and walk for long periods of time.  A friend had previously mentioned Soylent to me and I didn’t take it seriously, thinking why would I need an adult formula?  I had a kid and then I desperately needed adult formula and I was glad she had introduced me to it.  My boys are long past drinking my milk, but I still keep Soylent around.  It has become especially useful recently for dog walking jobs.  If I get a last minute request for help, I can bring a bottle of Soylent in my car and drink it on the way.  Even when I’m not working, I drink it because I’m tired.  Cooking isn’t always something I feel up to, especially not when there are clothes to fold, floors to vacuum, homework to help with, etc.  Sometimes, I need help taking care of myself, making sure that I’m as ok as I can be in any particular moment.  When eating seems like a hassle, this is a reasonable way to deal with the exhausting but very real need to get some nutrition in my body.  I typically choose Cafe Mocha, but it’s possibly too much caffeine spark for some.  The Creamy Chocolate flavor is like thick, chocolate milk and now my boys drink it when they need to eat but there just isn’t time to sit, like after school on the way to functions that are back to back.  Soylent isn’t for everyone, but it’s something I’ve been drinking off and on for almost a decade now.  If you’re struggling to eat, avoiding it because of the effort and the fatigue it causes or because you’re overworked and need something to go, it might be worth trying.  Amazon sends me some change if you use my link, so I appreciate it very much if you do.  If you’re interested in donating some Soylent, I recommend having Amazon deliver some to the Community Center of St. Bernard.  This parish was recently hit by a tornado and families will be in need of shelf stable food that is easily transported and needs no preparation. 


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