My silverware drawer when it’s stocked.

A little while ago, I posted about my empty silverware drawer and using plastic utensils. Here is my drawer when I’m almost caught up on dishes, which is usually a rare occasion. I never thought about adding more space to a drawer before, because I had only seen horizontal organizing trays. Previously, this drawer only had silverware in it and a few random tools beside it. This organizer made it possible to have my silverware and plastics in one drawer, side by side. It basically gave me a whole drawer back. I rarely get excited about organizing, almost never, but this tray spurred some cleaning urges. I decided if I was going to see more of my drawer, I should have some pretty liners. I know that many people line drawers with contact paper, but this is entirely too much hassle for me. I want to be able to pick up a liner easily, wash it in the dishwasher, let it dry, and get it back in a drawer with no adhesive sticking randomly to my elbows and wrists. Also, I want it to still look pretty if I don’t wash it for 5 years. I’ll say I’d like to wash these, but I won’t. At least I’m relatively honest, at least there’s that. I’ve been pleased with both purchases. If you need more room in a kitchen drawer, I highly recommend the tray above. Amazon asks me to tell you I earn from qualifying purchases, and I want to reassure you that I don’t recommend anything I don’t use myself. I should probably go remove that popcorn kernel now….


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