My to do planner.

Anxiety can mess with executive functioning which can look like absentmindedness or forgetfulness. Sometimes, it makes focusing and paying attention extremely hard. This got particularly bad for me after having children. Instead of having one schedule, just my doctors, my clothes, etc., I now had all of that, plus everything that belonged to my kids. At any given moment, I’m responsible for knowing a lot of random information about my family. I often say my brain is like a colander and most of the stuff stays in, but a noodle of necessary thought will fall through the holes of my brain periodically. In fact, I’ve probably already shared that analogy with you before and have forgotten. One of my greatest struggles is organizing my organization. When my schedule was only my own, I just had a basic planner and a list of things to do each day. That’s not really enough now with all of the various pies I’ve got my hands in. There is so much to do every day, I need to prioritize the things to do. I can’t get all of it done in a day and I haven’t in years, so I try to focus on what is most necessary that day, most important, can’t wait, etc. I have a planner for long-term planning with monthly calendars and each week at a glance, but this planner above* helps me look at each day and plot out my activities so I can try and use my time more efficiently. When people have asked me what tools to use to help them make it through a day, I’m still surprised at how many people are embarrassed if something they need seems juvenile. There is nothing juvenile about utilizing a tool that helps you succeed. Plus, to everyone who is a juvenile, this worry adults have turns who younger people are inherently into something that just isn’t ok. I really do remind myself to take my medicine, brush my teeth, and get dressed, because when I don’t write these down, I’ll wash the dishes, do a load of laundry, write some for my blog, try to fold some clothes, finally realize it’s lunchtime, and I’m still in my pajamas having forgotten to eat breakfast. Being stubborn and pretending I don’t need help is far more irresponsible than using a planner with kittens on it.

*Amazon wants me to tell you that I’m an associate and I do earn from qualifying purchases.


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