The Phantom Tollbooth

But just because you can never reach it, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth looking for.  —-The Phantom Tollbooth

Years ago, my now husband but then boyfriend, gave me my own copy of his favorite book.  He was aghast that I had never read The Phantom Tollbooth, nor even heard of it.  Though I haven’t read it as many times as he has, I did read it more than once, just as he told me I would.  My husband has read it aloud to our children at least two times now.  The laughter coming from their room during bedtime is enchanting.  When our oldest finished the book on his own, his pride in himself was contagious.  Now, in our home full of reading and books and magic and games and exploration and imagination and numbers and words, our youngest is borrowing my same yellowed copy from almost twenty years ago to read along while my husband reads Juster’s work to them again.  When I first read this book so long ago, it didn’t occur to me that the man who gave it to me would one day be the father of my children.  I certainly didn’t imagine that I’d hear his voice through the wall, sharing, yet again, his favorite book with his favorite people.  I had the amazing privilege of surprising him with an annotated copy before he knew they were being printed.  The Phantom Tollbooth is the one book we know that we absolutely have multiple copies of in our home, and I’d have it no other way.  

Since I’m still learning how to navigate my blog, I haven’t yet posted in an obvious location that I’m an Amazon associate and I earn from qualifying purchases.  I apologize for the awkwardness of having to mention this every time I share a book recommendation.  I won’t apologize for asking you to donate books to the various charities I’ve shared previously and those I will share with you later.  Books are good, and people need them.  If you don’t want to read The Phantom Tollbooth, I understand that!  Not everyone likes to read, but I’m positive that there are people who love books like I do but don’t have the same access to them.  Project Night Night helps give kids who don’t have their own beds in their own homes the comfort that my kids have every single night.  Reading at bedtime provides security and bonding and warmth.  Please consider sending a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth, or several copies.  You might be giving someone their favorite book.

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