Baby Food Day 39- Peas!

Shopping List

-bag of frozen sweet peas

-bananas or unsweetened applesauce if you’re in need

Meal Plan

-1/8 to 1/4 cup of sweet pea puree at one meal

-1/8 to 1/4 cup of any other baby food (bananas, avocado, unsweetened applesauce, green beans, butternut squash, any combination of those and other foods Baby already knows, etc. ) at the other two meals

-chest milk/formula as usual

Today, I’m going to demonstrate the stove method. It’s a classic, but it’s my least favorite for several reasons. Though I shared a bit about why I dislike the stove method when I posted about apples, I didn’t give much reasoning other than it being a sweaty endeavor. So here goes:

——-It’s unbelievably hot. Even with a lid, it’s just miserable.

——-It requires that you watch it. If you don’t, you’ll very likely risk your baby food and possibly your kitchen.

——-It usually ends up using more dishes and creating more work.

——-It may be more dangerous for you and your family. Microwave steamed veggies can stay in the microwave until cool. Veggies cooked in the Instant Pot are similar and can be left to cool safely. Hot pots stay hot pots for a long time and they’re out in the open. In the busyness of life, especially life with little ones, it isn’t that hard to bump into a pot, forget to move it to the back burner, or forget to turn the handle towards the back and away from hands. There are risks with all types of cooking, and boiling ranks very high on my personal “not worth it” scale.

You may love making baby food this way, and that’s just fine! Making baby food is cooking, and everyone does it a little bit differently based on needs and preferences. No matter how you make your baby food, be warned that regardless of preparation style, peas often need to be mixed with a fruit. For some reason, peas tend to cause automatic gag reflex. I don’t recommend trying peas with a shirt you care about for yourself or Baby.

After pouring the frozen peas into your pot, add enough tap water to mostly cover the peas.
Boil the peas down until most of the water is gone. The proof of how hot the kitchen can get is right here in the photo. I prefer my facial steam care not to smell like a legume sauna.
I thought I had left the peas to cool long enough, but again, I did not. I might be a bit too impatient at times.
Add water to the personal blender to just below the height of the peas.
I did need to add more water to get this consistency. I guess it’s a bit like pea stew versus pea soup.
I filled the blender to the same line with peas and then added unsweetened applesauce, knowing peas alone might earn a one star rating.
The next batch was peas and carrots, using the left over carrots from the previous baby food post. I did need to add water to this mixture to keep Blender McBlendblend content.
I’m not sure which is more appetizing, peas alone or peas and carrots like above.
Then, because I still had more, I made a pea, carrot, and apple mixture.
I guess this looks more edible? Maybe Baby will love it. I’d love to know what they think!


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