I met Agnieszka a few years back thanks to NPR’s book concierge and Uprooted is one of the first books I now recommend when asked for young adult or fantasy suggestions. Not only is the book interesting from the first chapter, the character development is fantastic and the plot is not predictable. I’m sure it might be to some people, but it wasn’t to me. Honestly, I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t really think about what would happen next, nor did I feel tempted to read the last page. (This is one of my worst traits. I feel so much stress about what will happen to characters that I often read the last chapter or last page early on so I already know what to expect.) Uprooted is more adult than young, in my opinion. The suspense is heavy and some of the violence is somewhat like Grimms’ Fairy Tales. As is typical of a young adult novel, there is an element of romance, but it’s only part of the story overall. The ending of Uprooted is beautiful. To me, it was exactly what a good coffee book should be. It made me feel, it gave me hope and I absolutely will read it again. I’m positive Agnieszka has more to tell me.

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