Anne with an E

Yesterday, I shared about my beginnings as a voracious reader. Even now, some of those friends I referenced are still here for me, soothing me through worn pages or shining a light on my face through my e-reader. Of course, I’ve found new friends too, and characters I didn’t relate to years ago have new weight to them as life and experience have provided me with perspective. We’re in angry, frightening times right now, and a good book friend can be what keeps the nightmares subdued. Maybe you’ll find a new one among some of my favorites as I share them. I hope you do, because books are for everyone. If I don’t eventually share one that sings to you, I know there is a book somewhere that will.

Anne of Green Gables is the first book in a series of about a young girl with red hair and dreams. Though I had other sets of books, this is the first set I remember owning. I read every book and then again and again to both my babies while they nursed. I love Anne. I’m not sure I have the right words to adequately express how dear this book friend is to me. She taught me that it’s ok to want to feel beautiful and to want to feel smart, to want success in your life and choice in what that success is. And, she, unlike me, wasn’t afraid to admit that she adored puffed sleeves.


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